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5 Ways to Process Credit Cards like a Jedi Master

If you process credit cards for your business, then you might feel like your credit card processor is the Galactic Empire—cold, unreachable, and totally evil. But don’t worry—you can use the Force to escape the clutches of the Empire, lower your processing costs, and...

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6 Ways to Scale Your Business with Online Payments

Now that you’ve got your online payment processing set up and you’re selling securely online, you are ready to put your foot on the gas and accelerate those sales. Whether you’re a global brand looking to expand into more countries, a medium-sized business wanting to...

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5 Payment Strategies to Increase Sales this Holiday Season

It’s never too early to start planning for the shopping boom that happens each holiday season. Missing the window to prepare to meet your customers’ expectations for a frictionless payment experience can hurt your ability to capitalize on the busiest retail season of...

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Understanding virtual POS systems

Accepting payments through multiple channels is a fast and easy way to grow your business. With a virtual POS system, you can start processing credit and debit cards for all types of purchases, not just those made in person. What is a virtual POS? It’s been a long...

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