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The global outbreak of COVID-19 continues to evolve and disrupt many aspects of our daily lives. Our first concern is for you and your families.  We also understand that many of you around the world are seeing big changes in the face of this pandemic. These challenges...

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Subscription in e-commerce driven by changing consuming habits

Consumers sign up to subscription Amazon is a marker of innovation and a rich source of early ideas that later become the standard. So it’s unsurprising that Amazon sellers have had the option to offer ‘Subscribe and Save’ on their products since 2007, nor does it...

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A Practical Guide to Accepting Digital Wallets

Will they? Won't they? When it comes to digital wallets, it seems there is a lot of speculation over when the much-fabled tipping point will occur, finally bringing solutions like Google Pay and Apple Pay into ubiquity. A number of factors indicate that 2020 will be...

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Payment Processing for Franchises

Payment Processing for Franchises Opening a franchise can be a daunting endeavor. Not only do you have to build the business itself, you also have to keep up with the programs and deals that the corporate office puts forth, as well as win over current customers....

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6 Tips For Small Business Saturday

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Small Business Saturday on November 30. No doubt there are different strategies and tactics for smaller businesses versus Fortune 500 size businesses, but in the end, all businesses, regardless of size, want to be...

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The impact of 5G on eCommerce

For those who have followed the development of 5G, it has become abundantly clear that the sky really is the limit for this new communication technology. The potential applications should leave anyone staggering for the sheer depth and breadth of it all. Nowhere is...

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What Square’s New Pricing Means for Your Business

In an email to customers today, September 25, 2019 merchant services company Square announced new pricing for their customers to take effect November 1. In the email, Square noted that their flat 2.75% pricing for tapped, dipped, and swiped transactions would now be...

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