Trade association

Payment Solution Pros offers a quality trade association service that can develop and attract your economic accounts at low costs and effort for you, because we operate these full services: training, sales, reporting, conversion and support. PSP accepts most charge back liability, while providing complete debit, credit, EBT settlements, along with funds movement. Reduce operating rates while speeding up the cash flow of your retailer customers when they can receive any payment type, no matter the size of business.

Our Trade Association Partner Program offers many perks for your institution.

  • Boost payment acceptance opportunities for current merchants in order to establish depository relationships
  • Draw the attention of new customers with advanced solutions and rich market assistance.
  • Arrange services without overhead or financing investment
  • Eeliminate liability while boosting revenue

Extended assistance

Extra service’s available to your merchant customers also include:

  • Maintaining Web payment business

More Competitive Advantages.

With our Trade Association Partner Program, get ready to experience:

Payment Solution Pros requires zero investment for your organization or institution to get started on an associate partnership. Also, your retailer merchants will improve from our private association interchange plus discount costs, equipment for processing transactions along with quick equipment recovery, and much much more!

Rest assure as PSP maintains 100% liability on all retailer’s accounts and services.

PSP will handle and maintain all training, sales, support, and conversion while providing a concise, clear coverage for any other assistance your association prefers to take advantage of. Payment Solution Pros can also provide a complete service program or even a semi-support program if your association agrees to manage the installation, sales and service.

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced effort

Payment support acceptance options can include most major credit/ATM/debit cards, loyalty & Gift cards, electronic check conversion along with multiple EBT applications used by more than three-dozen certified government agencies.

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