Emails that contain order and shipping info typically have the highest open rates. Increasingly, leading ecommerce merchants use a small space in those emails to intelligently promote complementary products and services, often with terrific results.

Using Transactional Emails to Generate Revenue

Transactional emails: opens and clicks. With open rates eight-to-ten times higher than promotional messages, transactional emails are an excellent way to communicate with shoppers.

  • The transactional email opportunity. An order confirmation, a shipping notification, and even a new password request are examples of transactional email messages. They are each an opportunity to market to shoppers in a personal, individual way.
  • Individualizing transactional email messages. Whether it’s called personalization, one-to-one marketing, or even B-to-Me, transactional emails allow your business to offer specific, timely, and relevant product recommendations and offers. .
  • How to implement. Injecting promotional messages in transactional emails requires balance and discretion. We’ll explain how to decide which promotions to include in a transactional email, and how to organize the email to focus on the transactional content while also communicating a promotion.

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