The heart of your business

Your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is the heart of your business technology, and holds all the key data used to keep your business operating – and growing. Your customers, your products, your pricing, your inventory, your sales and payment history – all of this data lives in your ERP system so you can efficiently transact your business.

Then you got a website, and your customers and sales reps loved being able to see your products online. But, they asked, can we place orders on the website too? So you added a shopping cart to the website, entered/uploaded your product data, and allowed people to place orders on your new website.

But where do the orders go?

If you’re like most small to medium manufacturing/distribution businesses, your ecommerce website orders are not loading into your ERP system. Your online orders are most likely moving from your shopping cart software to the email inboxes of your customer service team, where someone re-keys the data to manually enter the sales orders into your ERP system. This has obvious downsides in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

How do you get web orders into your ERP?

That’s where a company like Website Pipeline comes in, because we specialize in building integrations between ecommerce websites and ERP systems. We’ve built a group of programs collectively called our “Sync Tool”, which moves data between your ERP system and our cloud.


The Sync Tool detects changes in the tables of your ecommerce website data, and then moves those changes into your ERP system, in less than a minute. The most important of these changes are ecommerce orders placed through your website. The Sync Tool moves all of your website order information, including customer bill-to/ship-to addresses, order lines, pricing, tax, shipping, and payment methods into your ERP system, where it creates a new sales order alongside the orders from other entry methods.

This eliminates the tedium of manually entering web orders into your ERP, and eliminates the possibility of rekeying errors. Because the orders flow from the website to the ERP system in near real-time, your sales orders are kept up to date regardless of the task load on your customer service or sales team.

We currently integrate with Sage ERP’s and Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s, and we also build API connections between our cloud platform and other ecommerce platforms. If you’d like to learn more about how the Website Pipeline Sync Tool can help move your online orders into your ERP system contact Website Pipeline.

Written by: Ted Goudie of WebsitePipeline