Microsoft has filled out a new patent application that enables users to log into their PC or authorize purchases using a pen.

The application indicates that the stylus is based on Microsoft’s new Windows Hello mechanism. Currently, Windows 10 has a feature called Hello that enables users to log in using facial recognition via infrared camera and fingerprint scanner, without entering a password or touching a keyboard.

The patent application specifically mentions Microsoft’s own N-Trig technology, deployed in the Surface Pen throughout the Surface line of Windows 10 machines. Also, Windows 10 Hello does more than just log into a machine. It can also be used to authorize various application-specific tasks, like verifying purchases and entering passwords.

This patent application hopes to provide a kind of two-factor authentication to go along with a gesture that is written on the screen. According to the documentation, Microsoft’s technology would use a combination pen proximity, gestures, and touch input, with a host of options in terms of mixing up hardware, software, and even application files in order to create a highly customized authentication method.

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