“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

-Winston Churchill

   PSP gives annually to UCF Athletics in alignment with the educational mission of UCF and their united quest for excellence. We love the opportunity to develop young people and leaders for industry, philanthropy, and the community through the intercollegiate and athletic experience.

The valuable life experience gained from working towards a goal, following a passion, putting in hard work, and showing up even when it isn’t easy will raise these individuals towards leaders we can be proud of.

Visit their website: CHARGEON FUND

ocean-clean-up-project-1The world’s beaches, the frontier of this essential resource, support ocean health. They provide habitat and nesting grounds for important ocean wildlife like sea turtles and sea birds, and they attract vacationers from around the world, helping to sustain complex coastal economies.

Whether you live on a beach or hundreds of miles from the coastline, we all have a profound stake in an ocean that is healthy and abundant. Ocean trash ranks as one of the most serious pollution problems of our time.

Much more than an eyesore, trash in the water and on the shore affects the health of people, wildlife and economies. Because of this PSP is doing its part to help in funding the pilot phase, preparing the technology for execution of The Ocean Cleanup Project.

Visit their website: The Ocean Clean Up

PSP believes self motivated and out of the box thinkers are desperately needed in business and the world at large. As our world changes so must our view of traditional education.

We have chosen to support in time and finance The First Academy based on its Vision to provide a strong foundation that enables students to achieve their full potential, develop curiosity, creativity, imagination, and become responsible citizens of the world. Doing this through their core values of individuality, lifelong learning, and respect for self, others, and the environment.

Visit their website: The First Academy

arnold-palmer-logoPSP´s founder is a Neuroblastoma cancer survivor and is full of life today because of amazing doctors. Neuroblastoma is a rare, cancer that usually occurs in children under age five. The tumor is often found during infancy and may begin before birth. It typically develops in nerve tissue near the adrenal glands just above the kidneys.

However, some tumors may develop in the abdomen, chest, neck, or spinal cord. Like most cancers, neuroblastoma can eventually spread to other parts of the body. Early detection and treatment may prevent the spread of cancer. This cause is near to our hearts and we choose to support the Haley Center for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children for all they do to help families like Jon’s.

When illness threatens to impede your child’s growth and development, we choose to support the oldest, largest and most comprehensive pediatric oncology and hematology program in Central Florida.

Visit their website: Arnold Palmer Children Hospital


oakland-nature-presurveRight outside our backyard is a 128-acre preserve offering environmental education and ecotourism activities with their mission being to teach visitors about the ecosystems of the Lake Apopka Basin, and conserve and restore the land and habitats within the Preserve.

We love that they are teaching students and adults to become environmental stewards while giving back to the community and learning about our local ecosystems.

We believe the more people know and understand the more likely they are to make choices that will impact our future well.

Visit their website: Oakland Nature Preserve