Leverage your business potential through advanced blockchain powered technology.


Experience a New Approach to Blockchain Technology

Every day, businesses exchange value with their suppliers, customers, and other organizations. These exchanges, known as transactions must be completed precisely, quickly, and most of all securely to maximize a business’ potential while reducing costs. To achieve this, more and more businesses are turning to blockchain technology, such as those offered by Payment Solution Pros to facilitate and secure these critical transactions.

What is Blockchain?

In simple terms, blockchain is an unaltered digitized record of transactions. Think of it as an encrypted data package of agreements that is virtually unhackable. By providing a real-time updated ledger, this technology makes it possible to eliminate the middleman institution such as banks and allow transactions to follow directly between the customer and business.

  1. User A wants to send money to user B.

2. Encrypted keys controlling the ownership of the money and identifying the receiving e-wallet are generated.

3. The transaction is initiated as a “Block”

4. The block is shared between all parties in the network

5. The parties in the network approve the transaction and render it as valid.

6. The block is then added to the chain in the system, creating a transparent and unaltered record of transaction in the network.

7. The key controlling the ownership of the money is sent to the e-wallet identified by the second key.

Our Blockchain Business Solutions:

Payment Solution Pros is taking a new approach to payment processing solutions. Many high-cash flow businesses come across issues that prevent them from fully realizing their potential. Payment Solution Pros offers a cashless secure solution that reduces the problems that arise with high-cost payment processing and more importantly, reducing overhead.


Our QuickCard technology provides instant, cash-free e-wallet payments in an easy to access mobile payment app. The QuickCard KIOSK makes it simple to deposit funds via cash, card, or ACH. Built upon blockchain, the system ensures security, privacy, and reliability all at the palm of your hands.

Image result for green box quick card kiosk


Loopz is our advanced delivery system that uses a SAAS engine for tracking and organization. The system is based upon three components: a back-end dispatcher and two apps, one for consumers and the other for drivers. The delivery software allows sellers to connect to a broader customer base, while also connecting to  other network solutions.

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Blockchain Point of Sale (POS)

The Payment Solution Pros Point-of-Sale system provides merchants with all the tools necessary for effective business management. Some of these tools include payroll processing and sales auditing. The POS is ideal for tracking, reporting, and sales easily integrating with our QuickCard system for hassle-free payment processing.

Available via Dejavoo Z1:

Available via Dejavoo Z9:

Available via Retail POS iPad Air 2:

Still don’t understand blockchain ? Check out this 7 min video!