With over 17 years of point of sale experience and business rules, PathwayPOS was developed as a plug and play Android point of sale system with 6 main modules that deliver productivity and efficiency to fast food, quick service, table service restaurants, retail and grocery stores at a fraction of the cost of similar POS systems.

What’s in it for you:

  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Android hardware along with cloud-based sales data and backups
  • Real-time Web Reporting: Access your store’s sales reports and data 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Very Cost Friendly Investment: Licensing, web reporting access, daily backups, and support amount to only $99/month
  • Support Tools can be found on our homepage, they are a set of tools designed and ready to keep you up and running
  • Longevity: Pathway POS was designed and engineered for maximum performance for years to come
  • Plug & Play: Setting up your system is intuitive and usually requires none to minimal support
  • No Central Point of Failure: Our system can run and take sales even without internet connection

What you will love:

  • Convenient Accessibility: Access a store’s reports and sales data 24/7 from any PC/MAC/Smartphone
  • Disaster Management: Any client terminal can be used as a backup server in one touch
  • Centralized Menu Management: System administrators can remotely make menu changes
  • Robust Feature Set: Features including real-time time keeping and labor data, credit card authorization, employee information management, custom pizza screen, and so much more
  • Our system consists of multiple simple parts, if hardware failures do occur whole stations do not need to be replaced.
  • All of our data is stored locally, then sent up to our cloud server in that order. If there is a network failure, then sales are sent up as soon as internet connection is re-established.
  • Features, patches, and bug fixes can be applied immediately after development and testing by our team since we run on Android
  • Hardware is readily available from multiple manufactures
  • Cost of ownership for Android hardware significantly lower than Windows to purchase, replace, and maintain (requires outstandingly less labor and support)

Specializing in:

  • Pizza
  • Liquor
  • Small Grocery
  • Table Service
  • Quick Service

Customer Testimonials

“We have used your point of sale solution’s, CaesarTouch and Pathway, for over eight years… always have been impressed with the quality of the equipment, it’s ease of use, durability, and the great support that we have received. I recommend your product and excellent staff.”
— Joe E.

“I have known… the Pathway Team for over 20 years now. They are continuously setting the bar in the POS field! Their newest system I have had installed at my location for over a year now and it has exceeded all of our expectations! Their commitment to quality products and service are unmatched. I would, and have continuously, recommended their services and quality products over the years. There is no one in their field who not only cares about their customers, but strives every day to show that!”
— Dave B.

“We have used CaesarTouch and Pathway Business Solutions for over twelve years. We are extremely pleased with the equipment, excellent customer service, and the longevity it provides… Without hesitation, I recommend your software and outstanding staff!”
— Ali N.