Growthzilla is a software solution provider for the salons and spas. Growthzilla’s Uzeli Growth Platform is a powerful POS that goes far beyond the sales and inventory management to provide integrated loyalty rewards management, online appointments and text message marketing. Founded by a team of data scientists and engineers, Uzeli is designed to help businesses grow revenue by boosting loyalty and retaining customers longer. The platforms goal is to bring clients back more often and have them spend more on each visit. Businesses have been able to grow revenue by as much as 34% within 5 months after adopting Uzeli.

Another key differentiator that Uzeli is known for is its simplicity. The team has worked hard to keep it really simple. Adoption is quick as it needs very little training and has an easy learning curve.

Uzeli offers the following benefits while being extremely easy to learn and use:

  • Online, in-person and over-the-phone appointments
  • Waitlist management for walk-in clients; self sign-in kiosk included
  • Built-in loyalty rewards program (digital punched/stamped cards)
  • Client relationship management for client profiles with notes (as well as full client history)
  • Automated text message marketing to bring back passive clients
  • Detailed salon sales and staff performance analytics
  • Staff commissions and hours tracking
  • Gift cards, Inventory management
  • Mobile dashboard app with real-time data from multiple locations

All in all, Uzeli is a great product that is easy to use but unbelievably effective in helping businesses grow. Attend our webinar to see a demo!