We’re a New Kind of Full-Service Merchant Services Provider 

Get ready to experience the power of being able to accept many payment types, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, checks, and more! Also, you can accept these payments from any location, online, over the phone, in store, and even at your customer's location. We also provide you with an accessible real-time dashboard of all your merchant activity. Now it's easy to manage all your payments and business in one location with Payment Solution Pros.

Credit card and debit processing

At your customer's location, or your own, welcome any major debit or credit card. Contact us for a custom estimate rate quote, and discover the right payment methods for your business.





Support Mobile Payments

With no monthly limit on credit/debit card transactions, welcome a payment anywhere, anytime on a smartphone or tablet. Unlock the capability for your mobile devices to start earning you money with attachable swipers. Transform your phone and tablet expenses into a returning investment!



ACH and Check Processing

Securely process and accept checks, or certified ACH transfers electronically in any situation. Payment Solution Pros can offer your business with a check processing today.





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Payment management are simple with Sage Exchange

Sage Exchange is an all in one, easy to use payment adminstration program that lets you observe all of your business payments in one window, all you need to do is simply sign in.


Centralize payments, making your job easier and helping you run business better.







Payment solutions

Provide your company better accuracy, value, customer service, and security. Because Payment Solution Pros offers everything to process and accept payments with single coverage underwriting, loss prevention programs, and even customer support.

Credit Card

Anytime, anywhere, be ready to accept any major credit card when needed.






Obtain a straightforward payment acceptance plan and custom rate quotes for your company.






Process and accept checks or certified ACH deposits securely.







Mobile Payments

Welcome easy and fast payments via smartphone or tablet.





Management value

With more information, gain the confidence to control your business direction.





E-Check system

With a large variety of options to pay, you'll have comfortable repeat customers.











Why choose Payment Solution Pros?

Quite simply, because we provide the best value and service levels in the industry.

We can provide medium to small sized organizations and middle market companies with a variety of secure, simple to use, and efficient business administration software services. From payments to payroll, accounting to HR, Payment Solution Pros offers a range of enterprise resource

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Our goal is to help you accept payments anywhere you want. Our solutions are backed by the most reliable and secure in the industry. And PSP is known for customer service. Don't worry—with PSP you're in good hands.
















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